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South Africa


Azura and Conditioned Environment

Racing History:

I started racing karts when I was 6 years old in South Africa and I have competed in National and Regional championships around South Africa in a super competitive Rok class. I was lucky enough to get selected and represented South Africa 3 times in the Rok international finals which was held at Lake Gada in Italy. I also recently participated in the Ginetta Junior Scholarship and made it into the final 12, which I am hugely proud of and I am super excited to be racing in the series this year.

What is your career highlight so far?

Representing South Africa in the World ROK Cup Finals in Italy at Lake Garda three times, which I came in the top 30.

Who are your motorsport heroes and why?

Lewis Hamilton, because he is very talented and is my role model. Max Verstappen because of the way he drives, he’s very aggressive and is an amazing driver and has done very well considering how young he is. Finally Niki Lauda, because of his knowledge and talent with cars and he is a true legend to motorsport.

What are your favourite cars/teams/liveries from motorsport history?

My favourite cars are the F1 Mclaren MP4 and the Lotus 97T. Roads cars would be the 1966 Le Mans Ford and currently the Aston Martin Vantage GT3. My favourite team is Red Bull in F1 and Ginetta for LMP1, Alpine for LMP2 and Aston Martin GT3 for the GTE Am and Pro classes in WEC.

What is your dream career in motorsport?

I am hoping that racing in the Ginetta Juniors will help me decide in the future, but if single seaters then F1 and if not the either WEC or BTCC.

What are your hobbies outside of motorsport?

Sport: I play U16a rugby and we were unbeaten for two years. I was also u16A hockey captain, 1xi cricket, rugby sevens, Stowe ski team, athletics and cycling. I did the Cape Argus for two years in a row which is a 109km cycle race in Cape Town, I did it for charity and raised over $6000 for children in Africa. I won school cross country 5 years in a row, a silver medal at the South African Triathlon championships and fishing

Tell us something that people wouldn’t have known about you?

I love animals and wildlife in Africa, and I'm an expert at tracking down Wild Dogs and Leopards.

Quickfire Quiz:

-    Favourite TV Show: Drive to Survive
-    Favourite band/artist: Drake
-    Favourite movie: Le Mans 66 (Ford v Ferrari)
-    Dream car (on track): McLaren MP4
-    Dream car (off track): Aston Martin DB5
-    Sports teams you support: South Africa

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