Proceed are widely recognised as experts in SAP archiving, decommissioning and content management of enterprise systems. In their 20 year history, Proceed have helped over 700+ customers with their SAP data management strategies.

By combining cutting-edge technology, with a team of experienced consultants Proceed run successful projects that reduce business risk as well as drives cost savings.

Proceed’s team of over 95 SAP Consultants and developers based across Europe, North America, Canada, India, South Africa and Asia Pacific are all experienced SAP data & document management services and solutions experts. Proceed's success is attributed to this and the fact that they specialise specifically in this area.

Proceed shares many common beliefs with the Comline Richardson Racing team. For one, both have data-driven cultures. This means that we place a high value on using data to inform our decisions. We also share a commitment to supporting young talent. Together, we are working to create a brighter future for the sport of racing.

As a result, Proceed partnered with Comline Richardson Racing in 2019, to help develop the next generation of racing drivers. The partnership is based on mutual respect and a shared passion for racing. Each share the same core values and beliefs about what it takes to succeed in this sport. This partnership is an important part of Proceed's strategy for supporting young talent and fostering the growth of racing as a whole.